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Katyn Forest 21.05.2007
Smolensk, Part II 20.05.2007
Smolensk 19.05.2007
A Break in the Doom in Gloom Tour 15.05.2007
Off to Krasnodar on a night train 12.05.2007
Volgograd, aka Stalingrad 11.05.2007
Ooops, I did it again 09.05.2007
No Big War Mememorials in St-Pete's 09.05.2007
Today, the Hermitage 08.05.2007
Deeper into the Bowels of St-Pete's 07.05.2007
A more relaxed day... (updated slightly) 06.05.2007
Introduction to Petty Crime in Russia 05.05.2007
Day 1 in St-Pete's 04.05.2007
Random Observations and Experiences in Moscow 03.05.2007
Victory Park - Moscow 02.05.2007
The Golden Ring 01.05.2007
Still in a bit of a haze 28.04.2007
People watching while in the haze of Jetlag 26.04.2007
All is well 24.04.2007